U.S. Gold Corp. released new PEA to Copper King

According to PEA Copper King Net cash flow could range from 296,8 millions $ earn
NPV increases to be 178,5 millions $ and IRR on 33,1 %
PEA is based on 1275 $ per ounce of gold & 2,80 $/lbs copper

BildELKO, NV, 11. January 2018 – U.S. Gold Corp. (NASDAQ: USAU – http://www.commodity-tv.net/c/search_adv/?v=298056 ) today announced with joy, dass Mine Development Associates (MDA) a new technical report on the historical economic assessment (PEA) submitted for Copper King. MDA has the original PEA on 24. August 2012 released. In the new PEA for the estimates of the current gold- and the price of copper used and the inherent cost of the mine construction have been recalculated.

A copy of the current report here:

New figures for investors

o In summary, the new Economic Assessment (PEA) in the baseline scenario for Copper King a cash flow before taxes of 296,8 millions $ out.
o a gold price of been for the economic analysis 1275 $ per ounce and a copper price of 2,80 $ accepted per pound.
o Für die Rohstoffpreise wurde eine Kombination aus Dreijahres-Durchschnittspreisen und zwei Jahren zukünftiger Preise herangezogen.
o Kapitalwert (NPV): 178,5 My. $
o Interne Kapitalverzinsung vor Steuern: 33,1 %
o Geschätzter Investitionsaufwand: 113,66 My. $
o Amortisierung in knapp 2,5 years

Zusammengefasstes Wirtschaftsergebnis vor Steuern für Copper King *
Goldpreis (USD/Unze) 1.275 $
Kupferpreis (USD/Pfund) 2,80 $
Netto-Cashflow 296,8 My. $
Kapitalwert (NPV) With 5 % Abschlag 178,5 My. $
Interner Zinsfuß (IZF) 33,10 %
Investitionsaufwand 113,66 My. $
Amortisierung 2,5 years
geplante Lebensdauer der Mine 17 Jahre ~40.700 Goldunzen/Jahr; 10.700.000 Pfund Kupfer/Jahr

Wichtigste Eckdaten der PEA

Die Wirtschaftsanalyse für das Projekt vor Steuern (einschließlich einer vom Bundesstaat Wyoming eingehobenen Gebühr von 5 %) weist einen internen Zinsfuß (“IZF”) from 33,1 % und einen Kapitalwert (“NPV”) from 178,5 millions $ bei einem Diskontsatz von 5 % out. Die Erstinvestition in Höhe von 113,66 millions $ wird sich in etwas weniger als 2,5 amortize years. The revenue accounts for about one-third of copper and about two-thirds on gold.

The Copper King project is a worthwhile project, which houses a high degree of mineralization, is emerging on the surface and is surrounded by a wide zone with mild mineralization. There is a possibility, at least to expand the low-grade resources. According to PEA study is a project with a term of results 17 Years and an investment of 113,7 millions $. Over the lifetime of the project is based on the income assumptions of PEA with a total yield of 182 Million pounds of copper and 692.000 expected ounces of gold. For the project results in a net present value before tax (5 % Abschlag) from 178,5 millions $ and an internal rate of return of 33,1 %. These results indicate a project with economic potential, for a Vormachbarkeits- or. Feasibility study indicated.

Edward Karr, President and CEO of U.S.. Gold Corp., explained: “This PEA to Copper King is not only robust indicators of the project, but also the high investment value for our company. our geologists- and technical team has reviewed the report last month and discussed internally and we are all very happy, to publish it. Copper King was in line with our exploration- and drilling programs 2017 continuously expanded. The End 2017 could U.S. Gold Corp. completing a four hole drill program and the results will be published in the coming weeks, if we have received the samples. Two of the holes were complementary holes (Step-out holes) to existing and known mineralized deposit. The conclusions from the current PEA us very optimistic, and we plan to expand the project to the stage of production and Vormachbarkeit. Copper King is located in the mining friendly state of Wyoming and the other project development is not handicapped.”

About U.S. Gold Corp.

U.S. Gold Corp. is a publicly traded exploration- exploration and development company, whose main focus is on exploring for gold. U.S. Gold Corp. has a portfolio of Erschließungs- and exploration concession areas. Copper King is located in southeastern Wyoming and has a historical preliminary economic assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment) subjected by Mine Development Associates. Keystone is an exploration concession in the Cortez Trend in Nevada, which was identified by Dave Mathewson and consolidated. For more information on US Gold Corp. please visit www.usgoldcorp.gold.

Safe Harbor Statement
Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 but. These statements may be identified by forward-looking terminology such as “expect”, “believe”, “foresee”, “valued” and “to intend” to recognize. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations of U.S. Gold Corp. and actual results may differ materially from those. There are a number of factors, could cause, that the actual events to differ materially from those, which are expressed in such forward-looking statements, differ. These factors include, among others, risks due to changes in the gold price and the cost involved in the mining industry, environment- and regulatory risks, Risks associated with junior companies, carry out the exploration work as well as other risk factors for US Gold, annual in recent Annual Report (Annual Report) in form (Form) 10-K, in the quarterly financial report on Form (Form) 10-Q, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and www.sec.gov can be accessed. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and assumptions of the Company regarding future events. Although management believes these expectations and assumptions considers reasonable, they are subject to significant business naturally, economic, competition-related, regulatory and other risks, Contingencies and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and are beyond the control of the company. The company is not obliged, to update these forward-looking statements.

*Cautionary Note to US investors in terms of mineral resources
We use certain terms on this website may like “measured resources”, “indicated resources” or “inferred resources”, the Canadian Institute of Metallurgy in the current guidelines in accordance with the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43″101”) were defined. We have investors in the United States that it, that these terms by the US Securities and Markets Authority (United States Securities and Exchange Commission/SEC) are not recognized. The estimation of measured and indicated resources is fraught with regard to their existence and economic recoverability with greater uncertainty than the estimation of proven and probable reserves in accordance with the disclosure requirements of the SEC. US Standards mineralization can only be held “Reserve” get ranked, if it is determined, that the mineralization at the time the reserve determination from an economic and legal point of view can be conveyed. mineral resources, representing not mineral reserves, are not necessarily economically profitable. US investors are cautioned, not to trust, let that measured or indicated mineral resources converted to reserves. Derived are mineral resources, what or their existence. economic and legal eligibility concerns, fraught with uncertainty. One can not assume, that derived mineral resources entirely or only partially exist or from an economic or legal point of view can be conveyed. Under Canadian rules, estimates of “Inferred Mineral Resources” not necessarily the basis for feasibility studies, Pre-feasibility or other economic studies, as in a preliminary economic assessment of the case, for example, under certain circumstances. In a publication of “contained ounces” is it a publication, which is permitted under Canadian regulations. However, the SEC normally only permits issuers, to report mineralization, where it is not “reserves” is as defined by SEC standards, in the form of pro-forma quantities and grade without reference to units. It should be noted, that a preliminary economic assessment is provisional and is Inferred Mineral Resources are also included, apply geologically too speculative, to be categorized as mineral reserves of commercial interest to. It is not certain, whether the results of this preliminary economic assessment will actually be achieved.

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